The following is a list of equipment by the Genovian Metropolitan Police

Current[edit | edit source]

Aircraft[edit | edit source]

Photo Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Bell 429 United States of America Multirole Helicopter 5 units
Robinson R44 United States of America Light Helicopter Raven II 7 units
Airbus H125 France Utility 9 units 9 AS350 originally in service, probably all inoperable with some sold as scrap.

Sea Fleet[edit | edit source]

Photo Seacraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes

SeaArk Dauntless United States of America Coastal Patrol Craft 30-Footer
5 Units
5 Units
Donated by the United States government. Used by the Genovian Metropolitan Police Maritime Group.
Photo Model Origin Type Caliber Version In Service Notes
Assault Rifles and Carbines
Machine Guns

Utility Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Photo Model Origin Type In Service Notes
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