The Genovian Metropolitan Police (GMP) was also known as Metropolitan Police of Genovia (MPG) is the armed, civilian national police force in the Monarchy Government of the Kingdom of Genovia. Its national headquarters at Camp General Terrence G. Canterbury in Canterbury Street, Westover City, Greater Metropolitan Pyrus Area, Kingdom of Genovia, and it has 388,000 Personnel.

It is administered and controlled by the Principality Police Commision and is part of the.Ministry of Interior. Local police officers are operationally controlled by the city and municipal mayors and provincial governors. The Ministry of Interior of Genovia, on the other hand, organizes, trains and equips the GMP for the performance of police functions as a police force that is national in scope and civilian in character.

Organization[edit | edit source]

The Genovian Metropolitan Police is the organization within the Realm of Genovia that enforces the law. The Metropolitan Police is made up of three branches including:

The Genovian Metropolitan Police is organized into Police Provinces, each containing a barracks. Each county contains a County Headquarters which facilitates resources and assists the barracks in the county. The County Headquarters also contains Branch Offices of both the Investigation Branch and Special Branch, as well as the County Coroner's Office.

Operational units[edit | edit source]

Within the GMP operational units there are:

This group provides security to all airports throughout the country.General Operations Force.

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